For three days in September 2017, poet and musician MacGillivray spoke with and recorded Ernie LaPointe, great grandson of Sitting Bull, reading from her first poetry collection 'The Last Wolf of Scotland'. Based around the spurious scalping account of young Scots-Irish orphan Robert McGee, the book takes an Edisonian trail through the Wild West Show and back into rural Scotland. McGee undoubtedly met William Cody, Buffalo Bill. What now transpired, through conversations with Ernie, was the extent to which the scalping photographed was an invention itself. The last piece of information in a convoluted show-time story.

   In 2012 MacGillivray found the image in the Library of Congress and recorded what was written on the back of the photograph. Realising this was a calling card, she dug deeper and uncovered a journalistic awareness of McGee, dubbed 'The Man With Fourteen Lives'. In discussing the image, its description and his wounds with Ernie, however, it became clear that this was not a scalping. Moreover, Lakota Sioux (whom the attack was blamed on) never scalped women or children. The wounded area in the image is in the wrong place and too large. For Ernie's conclusions, listen to the album.

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